Chance The Rapper says Donald Glover helped him write a sketch for SNL

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ноября 18, 2017

Chance The Rapper is set to make his Saturday Night Live debut this weekend, so it's only right that he stops by Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show to talk about it and his desire to hang out with Drake more. Among his selection of sketches is one he worked on with Donald Glover.

When asked about his recent tweet he admitted, "It's the truth". I just wanna say, shout out to Drake and your whole team.

As for his SNL plans, Chance revealed that three of his own ideas have made it to dress rehearsal.

While donning his iconic "3" baseball cap, Chance explained that he wrote five different sketches for his first hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. "I came here with five". "I'm a huge fan of the show and I know guest hosts usually come in with a few ideas at least so I brought a few ideas by. He's a great dude".

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