Two Sigma Advisers, Lp Marginally Increases Its Ownership in Coach Inc (COH) Last Quarter

Cornelia Mascio
Novembre 18, 2017

Two Sigma Advisers, Lp says it increased its investment in Microstrategy Cl A shares by 27,336 shares in a 13F filing with the SEC. The value of the investment in (FL) decreased from $18,653,000 to $7,899,000 decreasing 57.7% for the reporting period. As of the end of the quarter Mitsubishi Ufj Trust & Banking Corp had sold 1,176,190 shares trimming its position 1,975.4%.

As of the end of the quarter Gotham Asset Management, LLC had bought 4,439 shares growing its position 10.3%.

Two Sigma Advisers, Lp isn't the only one who has changed their investment in MGLN. The value of the position overall is down by 1,383.4%. Mitsubishi Ufj Trust & Banking Corp cut its investment by shedding 1,176,190 shares a decrease of 1,975.4% from 06/30/2017 to 09/30/2017. TWO Sigma Advisers, LP owns 1,235,731 shares valued at $43,522,000. The total value of its holdings increased 45.5%. TWO Sigma Advisers, LP added to its stake by buying 47,157 shares an increase of 14.8% as of 09/30/2017.

Bluemountain Capital Management, LLC expanded its holdings by buying 287,613 shares an increase of 464.9% in the quarter. The total value of its holdings increased 303.7%.

Cowen and Company updated guidance on FL with a rating of "Hold" and price target of $37.00. On October 20 Canaccord Genuity left the stock rating at "Hold" targeting a price of $39.00.

September 21 investment analysts at Cowen and Company left the stock rating at "Hold" with a current price target of $37.00. On August 29 Morgan Stanley held the company rating at "Overweight" projecting a price of $50.00.

The company is down from yesterday's close of 82.55. The P/E ratio is 41.34 and market capitalization is 1.54B. In the latest earnings report the EPS was $4.33 with 124.00M shares now outstanding.

Investors are feeling more bullish on Coach Inc lately as inferred by the change in short interest. The stock recorded a fall in short interest of -0.93% as of the latest report on October 13, 2017. Short interest fell 214,291 over that timeframe. The days to cover decreased to 3.0 and the percentage of shorted shares is 0.17% as of October 13.

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