£17bn a year extra on public services under Labour, pledges John McDonnell

Cornelia Mascio
Ноября 19, 2017

The shadow chancellor will say Philip Hammond has failed to understand the lives of working people and will demand a "genuine and decisive change of course".

"The lesson is that we can not go on like this".

"There has to be a genuine and decisive change of course next week", he said in a speech in London.

'All of those messages now need to get to Government, and it's not just me saying this, it's Conservative backbenchers, it's even Cabinet ministers urging now that we start investing in our economy again'.

A Labour source said the £17 billion figure includes money to lift the public sector pay cap.

"Now is the time to borrow while interest rates are so low", he said.

Mr McDonnell said Labour would put an end to tax giveaways to wealthy corporations while raising £6.5 billion through clamping down on tax avoidance.

Hammond will announce regulation changes to allow Britain's driverless vehicle industry, which the government estimates will be worth £28 billion by 2035, to get cars on the road within as little as three yeas, according to extracts of the budget released by his office on Sunday. "But that wealth is held in too few hands, and spent for too little goal", he said.

'The costs would rack up and up, putting economic growth at risk and hitting ordinary working people in the pocket'.

John McDonnell (Shadow #Labour Chancellor) should heed the words of Abraham Lincoln: You can not make a poor man rich, by making a rich man poor.

Mr McDonnell highlighted the fact that children living in relative poverty is at the highest level since records began in 1961, while nurses are turning to using foodbanks and headteachers are asking parents for donations for their schools.

"Next week the country needs an "emergency Budget" to alleviate the emergency taking place right now in our public services, and the millions of working households in our country struggling to get by - not a Budget desperately created to save the jobs of a weak Prime Minister and her embattled Chancellor", Mr McDonnell said.

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