Destiny 2 Hotfix Notes - "The One Before Curse Of Osiris"

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Novembre 19, 2017

The first expansion is almost upon Destiny 2 players, coming out on 5th December, bringing the Vex back as the main antagonists and exploring more of the legendary character known as Osiris. Curse of Osiris brings with it a new social space, a new map, and a new immersive story element to dive right into. However, it should improve since all the issues associated with "Destiny 2's" endgame are set to be fixed.

There are two parts to the recently implemented fix. This update is listed as Hotfix 1.0.7 on console and Hotfix on PC, implying there aren't any huge changes planned to come along with this maintenance, as hotfixes are generally aimed at fixing bugs in the game as opposed to content updates or balance changes. While there have recently been more hints at what is going to be added in the Curse of Osiris Destiny 2 DLC that's coming out soon, it is nearly guaranteed that this maintenance has nothing to do with it, especially given it's applying to both the first Destiny and Destiny 2. Osiris is alive, for one thing, and his ghost Sagira is the first female ghost in the game.

In an overview for the DLC, which the said website published, "Curse of the Osiris" seemingly falls short of players' expectations.

Players will find out if the "Curse of the Osiris" is good or bad once it arrives to "Destiny 2" on December 5. Journey through time and space to learn the secrets of Osiris, avert a dark future, and rebuild the ties between the legendary Warlock and his greatest student - Ikora Rey.

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