Dog dies of 'broken heart' after owner dumped her at an airport

Remigio Civitarese
Ноября 19, 2017

A dog abandoned at a Colombian airport has died of a broken heart, The Telegraph reports.

The dog, estimated to be less than two years old and named Nube Viajera (Wandering Cloud) by the vets who treated her, wandered around Palonegro International Airport for days apparently looking for her owner.

The dog eventually gave up the search for her owner and spent most of her time lying in a corner of the terminal.

Locals tried to feed her from time to time after she was left at the air terminal for more than four week, but she was too sad to eat regularly, it was reported.

Nube Viajera was then taken to a shelter after somebody alerted an animal rescue group, but despite being given food and medicine via intravenous injection, the dog's health deteriorated further due to her "broken heart" before she died.

"It is presumed that she had an owner and a home and that they abandoned her because the dog never left the airport", Dr Alejandro Sotomonte told Noticias RCN.

Vets who did a check on the pooch after she died, labelled the cause of her death as depression.

'That state of waiting deteriorated its health, to the point that she no longer received food.

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