Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Will Be Available Later This Week

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Novembre 20, 2017

Nintendo has finally revealed the official release date for their upcoming mobile title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. In fact, it's coming right before Thanksgiving - on Wednesday, November 22! Sure, it's not Animal Crossing Switch, but Animal Crossing Pocket Camp promises a worthy, relaxing experience of crafting furniture, shaking trees, and striking up conversations with athletic anteaters that you can take with you anywhere. Good news, gamers - you won't have to wait long.

Nintendo confirmed on Twitter earlier this evening that Pocket Camp will make its way to iOS and Android this week. But others are feverishly waiting for the game to get a US release, so that they can play through the latest adventure and invite others to their camp. You can open your campsite up to other animals and they can come visit you whenever. Like other free games, Pocket Camp also features microtransactions; you can spend real money to purchase "Leaf Tickets" to speed up your progress. Even with timers on fruit, I have high hopes that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will scratch my itch to talk to pink, big-eyed dogs named Cookie and listen to a green duck complain about his neighbor, a romantic frog.

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