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Rodiano Bonacci
Novembre 20, 2017

The tabloid published the opinion of advocate the existence of a "moon" of a conspiracy regarding one of the photographs, he noticed that the spacesuit of the astronaut can be seen showing a person without the suit, that is basically impossible if the shooting took place on the moon.

New evidence received from the user with the nickname Streetcap1.

"I thought it looked a bit unusual, so I took a picture of it using my software", Streetcap1 told The Daily Mail. According to NASA, the three-man team landed on the lunar surface and walked there.

Streetcap1, a YouTube user, focuses on an image which purports to show a "stagehand" reflected in the visor of an astronaut after Apollo 17 landed on the moon in December 1972. There was some dispute back in 2009 of the legitimacy of these photos.

On the mission, Eugene Cernan and Harrison "Jack" Schmitt spent about 22 hours on the surface in the Taurus-Littrow valley, while colleague Ronald Evans orbited overhead.

And his discovery appears to have a lot of fellow conspiracy theorists excited, with some commenting underneath the picture that the user has made a "good spot", while others dismissed it as being photoshopped, or pointing out the reflection is another astronaut.

Conspiracy theories regarding fake moon landing have been rounding the world since the day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on Earth's natural satellite.

However, the entire question of whether any mission made it to the moon has always been a fond topic of discussion for conspiracy theorists, with pictures and footage from the landing scrutinized over the years by people determined to find proof.

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