Emilia Clarke Is Extremely Over Talking About Game of Thrones Nudity

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ноября 21, 2017

Retweet. Whether you like the sex scenes on Game of Thrones or not, it shouldn't have to be Clarke's job to defend them.

Emilia has addressed GoT's nudity issue many times in the past, and back in the summer, she praised the show's creators for that scene where Daenerys basically told Daario Naharis to get naked.

I'm starting to get really annoyed about this stuff now because people say, "Oh, yeah, all the porn sites went down when "Game of Thrones" came back on". That is all sex and nudity.

FYI: Emilia is wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress on the cover.

Game of Thrones will air its final season sometime in the coming year or two, at which point Emilia will finally be able to stop discussing this topic.

A third image shows Clarke's more toned-down side in a an elegant floral print cream dress by Bottega Veneta styled with pink Christian Louboutin strappy ribbon sandals.

"It got me angry".

LOVES it. Emilia also made sure to mention that she isn't the type of gal consumed with finding "the one".

Gracing the cover of Harper's Bazaar's December/January issue, Clarke talked about what it means to be part of these hugely successful franchises in this day in age.

"There is "the one" for particular parts of your life - you change as you get older".

In a new interview, Clarke seemed exhausted of discussing the show's portrayal of sex. "If you've watched Game of Thrones then, spoiler, you will have seen me in the nude", she wrote.

Clarke adds, "There's this Buddhist philosophy that says you can only really understand yourself through your interactions with other people".

"There are so many shows centered around this very true fact that people reproduce", she said. "People fuck for fun - this is the life".

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