Budweiser Takes Next Step to Be the First Beer on Mars

Rodiano Bonacci
Novembre 22, 2017

"Budweiser is always pushing the boundaries of innovation and we are inspired by the collective American Dream to get to Mars", vice president of Budweiser, Ricardo Marques, said in a release.

NASA is now working toward possible astronaut Mars missions in the 2030s, though a renewed focus on a return to the moon may alter that schedule.

For Budweiser's ambition, the SpaceX will transport goods like barley seeds and other Budweiser ingredients to the ISS by 4th December. SpaceX's Elon Musk has also stated his company's intentions to send people to the Red Planet to establish settlements.

The two experiments will gather 20 Budweiser seeds, which should be split in two separate boxes, called Space Tango CubeLabs.

Malting barley is "a process that results in the high-quality malt used in Budweiser today", according to the company.

Researchers want to see how barley grows in an environment with no gravity. Next step and experiment would be seed germination and here water and will be fed to the seeds to observe their growth rate. Barley seeds are best grown in cool, dry places. On the ground, barley typically grows 6 to 10 feet tall (2 to 3 meters) in a two week period.

But before it can do that, it is attempting to figure out how to brew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) with help from the astronauts on board. The seedlings will be in orbit for approximately 30 days, before being brought back down to earth for Budweiser's innovation team to analyze - setting the foundation and blueprint for Budweiser's next move in brewing the beer of the future.

This isn't the first time that research has gone into seeing whether brewing beer in space was possible as decades ago Kirsten Sterrett from the University of Colorado got funding from Coors to study fermentation in space.

Rather than just focusing on beer production, the secondary aim of the mission could also provide valuable information on the production of barley and the larger agricultural community here on earth.

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