My Personal Life Is Disturbed - Prakash Raj

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Novembre 23, 2017

The notice was sent after Simha made scathing tweets in Kannada about the actor's personal life.

Also speaking on the vitriol on social media and on the attitude of politicians, he said, "I am a renowned actor, do you (Modi) think I will not be able to detect when you are acting".

Commenting on troll vandalism in the country, he said that encouragement provided to online trolls by political parties is emboldening them to issue threats openly.

The actor had earlier called Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a bigger actor than himself and had condemned his silence over journalist-activist Gauri Lankesh's murder.

"He has to reply to my queries".

Prakash Raj has asked Pratap Simha to tender an unconditional apology failing which he will take legal action against the MP.

In a message to Pratap Simha, Prakash Raj said, "He represents a constituency and I'm anxious about the women there as the youth are following him".

Raj's lawyer has attached the posts with a letter released. One said, "Being sad due to sons death, having left your wife and ran behind dancer, Do you Mr. Rai, have any right/legitimacy/worthiness to say anything to Yogi-Modi??!" Otherwise, the actor is getting ready to knock the door of the court to seek justice on being trolled by a representative of the people, who was expected to act responsibly.

Alleging that the comments against him had been made with a malafide intent to affect his reputation, family ties and personal life, the actor urged Simha to delete the Facebook posts and tweets about him. According to PTI, Raj said he was thinking of claiming monetary damages too for "hurting" his sentiments.

Prakash Raj also added that there's nothing political about it but he hopes the BJP would refrain Simha from posting anything about him.

When asked about his "double standards" in not questioning Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah when RSS and BJP members were killed, Raj said, "Many people were saying this to me that I should have started (questioning) before".

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