Black Friday warning after woman's new iPhone is really potatoes

Rodiano Bonacci
Ноября 24, 2017

The woman proceeded to ask the man if he had an iPhone 6 and was elated when the man showed her one.

But when she got home, she was shocked to discover that the box was filled with potatoes.

She says: "They have everything you could name: clothes, shoes, watches, purse, bundles of hair, DVDs, CDs - everything - phones, laptops".

She said: "So I ask the guy about the iPhone 6 and he's like "ah yeah, today, I will give it to you for £70".

REUTERS/Bobby YipApple's iPhone 6 are displayed during a news conference by Customs and Excise Department and the police in Hong Kong September 21, 2014.

The victim was even given an iPhone to check, which was working perfectly.

But the $131 AUD didn't just buy her 11 pieces of potato, the box also contained an android charger.

The victim added: 'What the heck am I supposed to do with this!?

'Right? Wrong. He turns around and puts the phone in the box with a piece of paper, he hands it to me, I hand him the money, I get in my auto and drive home.

She continued: 'The box is heavy, and I get home, AND THIS N***** SOLD ME A BOX OF POTATOES! It rang and everything seemed legitimate - so she handed over the money and he gave her a box in return. She then proceeded to ask him how much it would cost and he told her that it would only be for $100 and that it has already been activated.

"I am so hurt right now imma have to go to jail, imma go outside and imma find these old n****** [sic]".

The transaction has therefore been concluded, the lady is part in it thinking you have made a deal of thunder, but this had to happen came to pass...

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