Jack Maynard apologises for tweets

Brunilde Fioravanti
Novembre 24, 2017

Some of the posts that were uncovered included private Facebook messages propositioning a 14-year-old girl to send him nude or semi-nude photographs when he was 17, as well as Tweets that included racist and homophobic language.

Confirming he was back in London, he apologised for saying some "pretty disgusting things" and insisted that he was " young" and "careless" when he posted them.

'This is such a hard video, I've never wanted to have to make anything like this, I never wanted to feel like I've let you guys down so much, with something so careless and inconsiderate to other people'. "I've tweeted some bad things, some frightful things, some pretty disgusting things that I'm just ashamed of", he told his subscribers.

"This was back when I just left school and I don't know what I was thinking".

'Like a lot of you growing up I was all over social media, my entire life is on social media, I've grown an wonderful following, ' he continued.

Former student Josh Derbyshire 24, said: "He (Maynard) has built his fame from using social media, so if the issues are on social media where he's built the status he has no defence really".

His first upload since returning from the jungle, the 4-and-a-half minute long video is now trending on YouTube, with nearly 1 million views in 24 hours. He went on to warn his fans against posting things online that could come back to haunt them.

Maynard then urged his fans to be careful with social media: "I just beg that you don't make the same mistakes I did".

A rep for the younger brother of pop star Conor Maynard previously said in a statement that he would be leaving the jungle to address the negative press.

'Don't put anything online you wouldn't say to your mum'. "Since it is only fair that everyone should be aware of any allegations made against them and should also have the right to defend themselves, it was agreed that it would be better to bring him out of the show".

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