Allison Janney puts her spin on ice-skating scandal in 'I, Tonya'

Brunilde Fioravanti
Dicembre 7, 2017

"She loved the movie".

Margot Robbie and Tonya Harding on the red carpet.

Figure skating was Janney's childhood passion and although she doesn't perform any double axels in "I, Tonya", her role is expected to bring the former "West Wing" actress her first Oscar nomination next month.

The figure skater once famous for her '90s-style outfits, complete with a scrunchie, wore a floor-length gown with orange straps as she mingled with stars of the film, including Allison Janney, who plays her mother, and Sebastian Stan, who plays Gillooly.

Dark comedy "I, Tonya", opening in USA movie theaters on Friday, is based on the life of Harding (played by Margot Robbie) and the infamous 1994 attack on her Olympic rival Nancy Kerrigan.

Gillooly, who with Harding's bodyguard Shawn Eckhardt hired another man to attack Kerrigan with a telescopic baton, took a plea bargain in return for his testimony against Harding.

"She is sort of a monster on the page and I had to find her humanity, and what she wanted in life. There were parts she didn't like but I think mostly she was really excited about it", Allison told Ellen.

"I could see so much defensiveness in her and denial about not caring for her daughter".

"I don't know if I should even say "Hi" to her, I mean, I play Jeff!"

"I definitely had a lot more compassion for Tonya Harding watching this movie".

"I come away from it looking like she has nothing to do with it", stated DeGeneres. "I don't think we exonerate her completely but I don't think she is as guilty as we all remember her to have been", she said.

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