Dying Light: Bad Blood PvP Battle Royale Standalone Expansion Unveiled

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Dicembre 7, 2017

Dying Light is being retooled in to Dying Light: Bad Blood, a new stand alone expansion of the game which will feature online matches that blend PvP and PvE styles of gameplay. This is just the latest game to follow the battle royale craze after PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' enormous success and Fortnite's own battle royale mode.

Be the first to play Dying Light: Bad Blood - the new standalone multiplayer expansion.

All we know about the game thus far is that six players will be dropped in a zombie-infested area and their goal is to scavenge for weapons and harvest blood samples from the infected before night falls (at which point, you'll need to evacuate). It was not revealed if this expansion would make its way to consoles. But remember, the clock is ticking.

While Dying Light: Bad Blood is slated to launch sometime in 2018, the developer will be hosting a global playtest before the full launch to gather community feedback.

The global playtest for Bad Blood will begin in the "first half of December", which we're obviously already well into.

There's word of dynamic alliances with other players to get tactical against zombie bosses, but you can then turn on your allies to steal their samples. In a cruel set-up where everyone fights for the survival of the few, betrayal is not a question of "if", but "when".

One weird twist is the more infection samples collected in total, the more seats on the extraction chopper are opened up, though players still have to pay for their seat individually. They can play the expansion early and share their thoughts, knowing their feedback will have a major influence on Bad Blood's development.

The only way out is the extraction chopper, but nobody rides for free, apparently.

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