Facebook Launches New Feature 'Did You Know'

Rodiano Bonacci
Dicembre 7, 2017

Once users answer the questions, those answers will appear in a scrolling list on the profile, allowing friends to read them. Most of the questions are fairly innocuous - which food you would never give up, your favourite time of day, the celebrity you would be for a day, for instance. While the answers can remain anonymous, users can also choose to attach their name to the answer, effectively letting that person know that you like their smile or laugh. Well, this is the latest feature addition to web and mobile version of Facebook, called "Did You Know".

Thus the feature in a direct way offers an opportunity for you to answer questions about yourself and your friends to know and understand you better.

The superpower I want most is... One can after answering the questions, also share it on their Facebook timeline to allow their friends see the responses.

Mondays make me feel like...

Once answered, the questions appear in the new section inside colored boxes that match the selected background. The answers of users will then be shared directly with their feed.

As more and more users nowadays are into sharing pictures, videos or articles and less into posting directly personalized statuses, this new feature can be seen as a clever move by Facebook to extract more personalized information from its users.

After acquiring anonymous polling app TBH earlier this year, Facebook is now beginning to integrate a remix of the app's features directly into the social media platform.

Facebook acquired TBH earlier this fall and the anonymous polling app still exists as a standalone app. TBH was popular among younger users, possibly because of the app's way of sending anonymous compliments through the random polling questions.

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