Nathan Carman denies role in deaths of mom, grandfather

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Dicembre 7, 2017

The lawsuit filed by Carman's aunts said he killed his grandfather and then had a role in his mother's disappearance.

"By murdering his grandfather, Nathan deprived John of the enjoyment of his last years, the fruits of his industry, and his family", attorneys for Nathan Carman's aunts wrote.

Carman also denies knowing whether or not his mother had her cell phone when she went on a fishing trip with him on September 17, 2016.

Nathan Carman has denied having anything to do with his grandfather's slaying and continues to do so in the latest legal filing for this case.

He did, however, admit that Linda Carman was not in a life raft that was with Nathan Carman's vessel when it sank.

Linda Carman's three sisters - Valerie Santilli, Elaine Chakalos, and Charlene Gallagher - argue in their suit that "the facts uncovered to date warrant a finding that Nathan killed his grandfather".

They never charged Carman in the case but Carman's aunts believe he is responsible and therefore should not be entitled to an inheritance. If the family wins the lawsuit, Small has said any money that would have gone to Carman would go to investigate the death of John Chakalos and Linda Carman.

The response from Carman's lawyers "denies" they argued and says he doesn't have the information to draw conclusions about the gun. Carman admitted he did work on the boat but denied that he caused it to sink.

Nathan Carman on Wednesday moved to dismiss the lawsuit, saying Chakalos wasn't a resident of New Hampshire at the time of his death. Nathan Carman was alone when he was rescued from a life raft more than 100 miles off Martha's Vineyard.

The lawsuit claims Nathan put on a life vest, got in the life boat with a bag of provisions and left his mom behind. Insurance companies claimed in court earlier this year that "incomplete, improper, and faulty repairs" were made the day before the boat sank.

The petition also questions why Carman never activated the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) or attempted to make any other distress signals when the boat was sinking. "He loved the home that he and his wife Rita had built and which they shared with the surrounding community every Christmas".

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