NuTonomy and Lyft Launch Boston Self-Driving Pilot

Cornelia Mascio
Dicembre 7, 2017

Today, we're pleased to announce that passengers in Boston's Seaport district were able to experience self-driving rides on the Lyft network in nuTonomy vehicles.

In the course of the pilot program, select Boston passengers in the Seaport area will be matched with nuTonomy self-driving vehicles when they request rides through the Lyft app.

Lyft on Wednesday began rolling out self-driving cars with users of the smartphone-summoned ride service in Boston in a project with technology partner nuTonomy.

Our partnership with Lyft has two goals.

The second objective is to get feedback from initial testers so nuTonomy can continue to improve the experience and make it safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

Boston city officials approved the pilot in October and say they hope to gain insight into how people interact with shared autonomous vehicles that could eventually complement the city's public transit system.

NuTonomy already ran its own pilot tests last month, ferrying dozens of passengers to South Station.

The company added: "We're excited to take another stride toward the future of urban mobility.we're assembling a robust autonomous vehicle ecosystem - one that will make safe and low-cost transportation available to individuals in cities worldwide".

Check back for more updates on this in the coming weeks!

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