Singapore revokes citizenship of former S-League player for match-fixing

Brunilde Fioravanti
Dicembre 7, 2017

In a statement, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said the 43-year-old, whom it did not name, was served with a Notice of Proposed Deprivation of Citizenship under Article 133 (1) of the Constitution on Thursday (Dec 7).

"Singapore citizenship comes with privileges and benefits, as well as duties and obligations".

Yahoo News Singapore understands that Alassane was previously married to a former Football Association of Singapore (FAS) receptionist with whom he had two children. One of these businesses, A-Stars Soccer Academy, was founded in 2011.

Alassane also founded the A-Stars Soccer Academy in 2011 although the business appears to no longer be in operation.

The man obtained Singapore citizenship by registration in 2003 through the Family Ties Scheme. At the time, there was no information to suggest that he was involved in any criminal activities.

However, as a Singapore citizen, he became an active and trusted member of an global match-fixing syndicate which was created in and took root in Singapore.

"The individual and his syndicate members used Singapore as a hub to conduct major global match-fixing activities", MHA said.

BC-SOC-Singapore-Match-fixing, 302 Singapore revokes citizenship of suspected match-fixerSingapore authorities have revoked the citizenship of a man who allegedly belonged to a major syndicate which rigged football matches around the world. The MHA said he also remitted - and even personally couriered - these bribes out of the country to facilitate his syndicate's match-fixing activities.

Singapore authorities revoked the citizenship of a man who allegedly belonged to a major syndicate which rigged football matches around the world.

Local media identified the man as Gaye Alassane, who originated from Mali and used to play in the local S-League.

Detailing Alassane's involvement, MHA said he travelled to these countries from Singapore to fix the matches.

This individual was dealt with under the Criminal Law (Temporary Provisions) Act and is now subjected to a Police Supervision Order for having engaged in criminal activities that prejudiced the public safety, peace and good order (PSPGO) of Singapore.

MHA stressed that the individual's serious criminal conduct not only undermined the integrity of Singapore's financial system, but also law and order.

"Witnesses were afraid of testifying against the individual and his syndicate members in open court for fear of reprisal", it added, highlighting the seriousness of Alassane's actions and the detrimental impact they had on public safety, peace and good order in Singapore.

It added that if this individual is deprived of his citizenship, he will be rendered stateless.

He will have to stay in Singapore on a Special Pass granted by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore, and can not enjoy privileges accorded to Singapore citizens. Alassane was reportedly prepared to plead guilty to all the allegations.

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