WWE NXT Results (12/6/17)): The Era Of Almas Begins

Rodiano Bonacci
Dicembre 7, 2017

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We open with William Regal announcing the competition to establish a new #1 contender. Dain with a forearm and then he hits a running drop kick that sends Seven into the turnbuckles. Regal's announcement and tonight's card as we get right into the action.

- Andrade "Cien" Almas out for his Championship Celebration. Subtle interactions between he and his business associate, Zelina Vega. The crowd is booing him a lot and he is basking in it. Zelina Vega gets on the mic and says that everyone is now a witness to a historic championship reign.

Almas (in Spanish) says thank you to Vega. He satirically apologizes for defeating and injuring Drew McIntyre. He is a master of Spanglish as he continues to celebrate. As for the number one contender, he asks them if they think they can hang with the Idolo. Lars says that is not him. All he cares about is finishing Roderick Strong so he can claim the NXT Championship in Philadelphia.

Dain coming in after a strong performance at NXT TakeOver: WarGames. One half of Mustache Mountain tries to take the fight to Dain early, but the effort is thwarted without much effort. Dain beats on him before hitting a body slam.He wrenches away on Seven's beck. This time the Seven Stars Lariat connects and gets a two count. Dain climbs to the middle rope and hits a Vader Bomb, pinning Trent Seven for the victory. Time for a shave.

I believe that both Aleister Black and No Way Jose will be back on-screen for the next edition of NXT, and I also hope that they recover from their injuries as soon as possible. Shock the system, indeed.

Tensions high during intros and Deville goes straight to work with go-behinds and suplexes. Deville with a gutwrench suplex to Riott but Riott with a rollup for a near fall.

Sonya Deville defeated Ruby Riott. No rope breaks in this style of match. Ruby gets to her foot and Sonya holds on.

Backstage, Ember Moon gets interviewed by press members about winning the NXT Women's Title.

We're back and Deville using her MMA background to her advantage. Snapmare from the corner and a big knee to the lower back of Riott that sounded like it landed flush. The punk rock princess elbows her way out and lands a nice STO to even the odds. Ruby sends Sonya back into the ring and Sonya with a kick and she applies a triangle with Ruby in the ropes and the referee calls for the bell.

Tonight's show comes again from Full Sail University and it is filled with a party for NEW NXT Champion, Andrade "Cien" Almas. The Iconic Duo both want to and they slightly bicker. The qualm which one will face Moon next week.

We go to highlights from the United Kingdom title tournament finals.

Pete Dunne defends the UK Title against Tyler Bate in two weeks.

- Vignette for a debuting superstar with spades as the focal point.

Ohno offers his hand to Gargano and Johnny shakes it.

Back in and Ohno's Cyclone Kick gets two and frustration sets in. Mat wrestling early on as each creatively go in and out of holds. Gargano with a reversal. Side kick by Johnny.

Gargano calls Ohno back to the ring for a fist bump of respect to end the show.

Dueling chant as we return and the Duke-clad Ohno is in control. Exposed knee drops from the bigger competitor as Gargano checks his eyes and nose for broken bones and blood. We've entered the bludgeoning portion of the match as Ohno lands shot after shot. Huge kick from Ohno gets a two. Gargano with forearms to Ohno but Ohno with a boot to the head and Gargano goes down. Gargano landing his unique strikes that make a really awesome sound. Gargano with forearms but Ohno with a punch. Johnny looks to fly but Ohno slips back in. Gargano gets sent to the apron and he goes for his slingshot spear. Ruby grabs a rope but realizes it doesn't matter, meaning it's a kick to the head for the break instead. Gargano draped across the ropes in a heap, but won't give up. Ohno ducks to avoid the roll through kick and nails the BIG BOY SENTON. Gargano with a suicide dive into a tornado DDT on the ramp.

Ohno goes for a back senton but Gargano gets his knees up. Spinning pump kick from Ohno.

Ohno gets Gargano in the electric chair but fights out and rolls Ohno up for a two. Near fall after near fall.

Ohno misses a rolling elbow and Gargano with super kicks followed by La Mistica into the GargaNo Escape and Ohno taps out. Johnny Wrestling moves on. Trio of stiff kicks from Gargano.

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