Lego Wins Copyright Case in China Against Imitators

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Dicembre 8, 2017

Lego won a landmark case against a pair of companies in China that made and sold toys almost identical to the LEGO Friends range but using the brand Bela, said the Danish toymaker. The toy market in China has become huge and is now at $31 billion.

Chinese counterparts of LEGO Friends toys produced under the logo of Bela.

A key to the revival of growth for Lego is capturing the Chinese children's imaginations with its plastic bricks, after the unlisted company disappointed on revenue in its core European and US markets that brought to an end a sales boom that was over a decade long.

Lego, whose name is derived from the Danish "leg godt" meaning "play well", is competing with Barbie maker Mattel and Hasbro for a slice of the Chinese market.

The LEGO Group's determination to push back against knock-off manufacturers such as Lepin saw a successful step forward recently, with a Chinese court finding on favour of the Danish company and against BELA, one of the many clone brands producing imitation products.

In China, the court first issued a decision under which the two companies from China that copies the toys were forbidden to produce and sell products that mimic the constructors of the company LEGO.

Toymakers are having their ups and downs.

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