Lynette Daley manslaughter trial: boyfriend jailed for at least 14 years

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Dicembre 8, 2017

A judge on Friday sentenced a man to at least 14 years in prison for the slaying of an Aboriginal woman who bled to death from a violent sexual assault on a remote beach, closing a six-year battle for justice by the woman's family in a case that exposed Australia's deep racial divide.

Wearing black shirts which read "Justice for Lynette Daley" and "black lives matter", the packed court room erupted in applause as the men were led away.

Maris was present and also raped Ms Daley.

"[He] washed some of the blood from her naked body and perhaps himself, at the time when Mr Maris was burning the blood-soaked mattress and her clothes on the beach to hinder the discovery of Mr Attwater's sexual offending".

Paul Maris, who was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault and hindering the collection of evidence, has been sentenced to at least six years and nine months in prison.

In response, the DPP issued a statement attempting to explain their decisions and apologising for them. "Some of the evidence that informed the earlier decisions not to proceed with the prosecution was different to the evidence that was before the jury", Babb wrote.

NSW DPP Lloyd Babb has apologised for delays in prosecuting Maris and Attwater.

In February 2016 the NSW attorney-general requested the DPP review the case.

"There is a big lesson to be learnt here, the DPP has got to understand about Aboriginality, you can't sweep everything under the carpet", Mr Davis said.

Justice Fullerton agreed Ms Daley was far too drunk to consent to sex that night with a blood alcohol level of up to 0.46.

Instead he lied, claiming she was "drinking, laughing, listening to music all the way up the beach" to the ocean the following morning, and that she walked in unassisted.

"I am satisfied he commenced and continued to perpetrate her vagina forcibly, vigorously and repeatedly in which he caused the injuries from which she died", she said.

On a recorded triple-zero call he is heard saying: "What a good fucking Australia Day, fuck sake, fucking hell you bloody bitch".

Her family cheered and hugged outside court as the realisation they had been vindicated sunk in.

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