Police dashcam captures shooting fireball across New Jersey sky

Rodiano Bonacci
Dicembre 11, 2017

Michael Virga was on patrol early Sunday when his vehicle dashcam captured footage of a fireball at 3:09 a.m.

New Jersey: A police department in South Jersey shared its dashcam video that captured shooting fireball across the skies over New Jersey on December 2.

He says the fireball took him by surprise and "lit up the entire sky like a lime green streak".

Explaining the event, Virga said the fireball emerged from the skies and disappeared behind the trees in a matter of few seconds. He said, "I could tell how fast it was going and that it was most likely a cometary fireball because of the speed, and then we traced back the path and it intersected with Gemini, which is the parent radiant of the Geminid meteor shower". He then showed it to an officer he met up with to perform a property check.

The American Meteor Society confirmed that the fireball was a meteor. A bolide is a special type of fireball which explodes in a bright terminal flash at its end, often with visible fragmentation.

A little more than a week earlier, nearly 70 people reported seeing a fireball passing over the mid-Atlantic, the second fireball spotted from New Jersey in two months.

The Society announced the official confirmation after receiving multiple reports from witnesses about it.

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