Houston Teenager Arrested On Charges Of Terrorism For Supporting ISIS

Brunilde Fioravanti
Dicembre 13, 2017

Sen. Cruz called the charge a stark reminder that radical Islamic terror continues to pose a real threat to Americans across the USA including in Texas and must be taken seriously."We are grateful for the FBI, DOJ and other law enforcement agents who worked to identify and apprehend him", Sen.

This is the third straight year in which a Houston resident has been charged with the crime.

Friday, F.B.I. agents arrested Kaan Sercan Damlarkaya.

"Damlarkaya provided a formula to alleged ISIS supporters for the explosive, Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP), and instructions on how to use TATP in a pressure cooker device that contained shrapnel", the DOJ said in a statement.

He also devised way that he could carry a machete or Samurai sword instead of a knife that be undetectable by authorities. Damlarkaya planned to meet an ISIS "smuggler" and travel to Syria from Turkey, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He told agents he would commit a US attack if efforts to travel overseas failed.

Damlarkaya also asked if he could provide a farewell video that he wanted to be published after his attack to inspire others.

Damlarkaya told his mom they should travel to Turkey together, where the family has relatives, and said she could return after a few days while he stayed for a couple of months, the complaint said.

The FBI said Damlarkaya also sent a digital manual to an FBI source on how to make an AK-47 or AR-15 assault rifle from "readily available parts in order to avoid detection by the authorities", and promoted machetes to another FBI informant as a cheap weapon, which he said could cut a person's arm off or cut through body armor, for those who could not get a gun or make explosives. He also reiterated that he had tried to join ISIS twice before, one of which was thwarted by a friend whose parents he believed informed the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the complaint says.

Their statement says Damlarkaya said he meant to travel overseas and fight for the Islamic State and tried to get to Syria twice.

He then, authorities said, wrote at length about martyrdom and jihad. The criminal complaint was unsealed on Monday. "If I die, then gardens and rivers await me, and the smiling face of Allah my Creator is what I will see".

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