United States criticises Poland for fining US-owned broadcaster TVN

Cornelia Mascio
Декабря 13, 2017

Poland's media regulator fined a private news channel almost 1.5 million zlotys ($420,000) Monday for what it alleged was unfair reporting during a political crisis previous year, but some saw the penalty as an attack on press freedom.

The regulator said it had fined the broadcaster's TVN24 channel for "promoting illegal activities and encouraging behaviour that threatens security", without giving details. TVN24's owner, TVN, said it would appeal what it called an "unfounded" penalty.

TVN also maintained that its coverage at the time was balanced and fair, noting it had carried comments by the ruling party leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, even as it covered the anti-government protesters.

The United States criticised a decision by Poland's media regulator to slap a $415,000 fine on TVN, a US -owned private broadcaster, saying the ruling appeared to undermine media freedom.

TVN was bought for $2 billion by Scripps Networks Interactive, making it the largest US investment ever in Poland.

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