Microsoft unveils improved AI-powered search features for Bing

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Dicembre 14, 2017

Research honcho Harry Shum also welcomed Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian onstage to introduce a deal between the two companies which will integrate material from Reddit's communities into Bing results.

The partnership will benefit both parties with Reddit contributing content to Bing such as AMAs and advertising upcoming AMAs and Reddit Answers and Microsoft making subreddit content more visible in their search results.

At the Everyday AI event Reddit announced that they would be partnering with Microsoft and using their Bing tools to analyse the massive reams of data the company generates every day. The feature is meant to make interacting with Bing more natural, Microsoft says, by more quickly surfacing answers to your questions with comprehensive information.

Ohanian noted that Reddit is the largest answer database of nuanced, verified answers, offering an fantastic resource to Bing.

Reddit supports more than 2.5 million comments daily across 138,000 active communities. The Reddit partnership launches today, while Bing's intelligent answers and conversational search features will start rolling out next month.

For example, typing in "reddit" and the name of a community, such as "aww" or "data is handsome", the relevant subreddits will serve up in a dedicated results section. If a general search, like "Why wouldn't my water boil", could be answered well through Reddit conversations, Bing will also surface parts of those conversations at the top of the search page. Now you'll be able to search Bing for certain Reddit topics or subreddits, such as "Reddit Aww", and Bing will surface a snippet of the topic. On Bing you can discover AMA schedules and see snapshots of AMAs that have already been completed.

Other Bing enhancements announced today include a more interactive conventional search experience to help you narrow down what you're looking for, as well as a more intelligent image search.

The Bing team is also adding relevant analogies or comparisons to search answers that make the provided information easier to understand. Users can also clarify questions with topic options to refine your search.

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