Couple Charged With Using Drone to Deliver Illegal Drugs

Modesto Morganelli
Dicembre 28, 2017

Authorities say a couple in California incorporated some cutting-edge tech into their drug dealing operation - only to discover that a whirring machine in the sky may not be more discreet than a person walking down the street. They suspected drugs and even warned the residents to stop.

"Creative. I didn't think he had the brains", ex-wife Jaclyn Baldassarre said. The activity prompted investigators to obtain a search warrant, which was served on Baldassarre and Carroll Thursday morning, Railsback said.

During the raid, Baldassarre's 9-year-old daughter was found living in a bedroom of the house, police said. "She was afraid, and she didn't know what to say". "And that was her dad, you know, what do you say against your dad".

Neighbors tipped police off to the possible drug dealing.

"It was constant, I'm talking 50 cars a day", neighbor Cassandra McDowell told CBs2. Narcotics detectives began surveillance and observed a drone fly out of the backyard of the property to a public parking area not far away, where a package was dropped from the aerial vehicle, he said.

"It's something we'll adjust to", officer Ryan Railsback said. They found methamphetamine, sweets suspected to be laced with LSD, powders they believe to contain fentanyl and syringes. "If this is going to be the new way someone is going to try to pursue their criminal activity, then it's our job to get a few steps ahead of them to combat it".

Baldassarre's 9-year-old daughter was removed from the residence, unharmed, and placed in the care of Riverside County Child Protective Services agents, who eventually released her to her mother, Railsback said.

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