Celtics' Kyrie Irving Became Flat-Earth Truther … Because Of Instagram?

Paola Ditto
Gennaio 13, 2018

Irving agreed with Redick, probably nodding in a very much woke manner that'd make Neil deGrasse Tyson's head explode.

"I wasn't trying to convince everyone the world is flat, and that's just how everyone took it as, which is fine", Irving said.

J.J. Redick hosted Kyrie Irving on his podcast and we learned that he sympathizes with the uproar of Irving's question about the earth being round because he may not believe in dinosaurs. Im not. I've come across some weird websites in my Google searches. For example, the word "Dino, ' it didn't exist until like 1842 - there was no word for 'dinosaur.' And then all of a sudden, in the next 15 years, after this British scientist comes up with the word 'dinosaur" and describes it in a medical journal, people start finding fossils. It makes you think! Irving says he's watched "Loose Change", a film that suggests the attacks were orchestrated by members of the US government. "For me, it's just giving everyone a chance to do their own research and find their own knowledge rather than having knowledge just shoved to you". "It's certainly thought-provoking", Redick said.

"I'm not here to tell everyone that this is it", he said. But the more he says it in interview after interview, it's beginning to become worrisome that Irving thinks these things.

The best part: Before they started comparing conspiracy-theory notes, Irving all but admitted he'd been suckered into his flat-Earth thoughts by Instagram videos, which, the Boston Celtics point guard apparently doesn't know, can be created by anyone.

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