President Trump To Undergo His First Official Medical Exam

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Gennaio 13, 2018

Trump is not compelled to release any information, though the White House said the presidential physician, Ronny Jackson, will provide a statement on Friday and take questions from reporters on Tuesday.

Two months before the 2016 election Mr Trump released a five-paragraph letter from his longtime personal physician Dr Harold Bornstein.

The White House says the 71-year-old president's exam will not include a psychiatric evaluation.

When he was running for office, Trump released a glowing letter from his personal physician in NY, who said Trump would be "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency".

Trump himself hit out at claims over his mental capacity, tweeting on Saturday that he was a 'very stable genius'.

Trump, who has been openly exasperated with the coverage, told reporters on Thursday he expected his exam would go well.

While the exams are not mandatory, modern presidents typically undergo them regularly and release a doctor's report declaring they are "fit for duty". His EKG, chest X-ray, echocardiogram and blood sugar were normal.

Donald Trump
GETTY TURNING POINT Donald Trump's first physical exam could be a major event

Trump takes Crestor for his cholesterol, a low-dose aspirin for heart attack prevention, Propecia to treat male-pattern baldness and antibiotics for rosacea.

Trump was 70 when he took office on January 20, 2017, making him the oldest person ever sworn into the nation's highest office.

Trump has said he gets most of his exercise playing golf.

"We call them soldiers but they're still people too", said Frank. Trump drives a cart from hole to hole. He also cleared brush from his central Texas ranch during the 100-degree Fahrenheit (38-degree Celsius) summers. He also played golf and indulged in Big Macs.

The president loves fast food, well-done steaks with ketchup, chocolate cake, ice cream and is said to drink 12 Diet Cokes a day.

Dr Jackson was appointed as the Physician to the President by Obama in July 2013 and he now serves as the appointed physician under President Trump. A year after that, while Jackson was still in Iraq, the George W. Bush administration selected him to be a White House physician under Air Force Brigadier General Richard Tubb.

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