Health Department recommends vaccination as flu cases rise

Modesto Morganelli
Gennaio 17, 2018

Hughes still encourages residents to get a flu shot because it is not too late.

First of all, the season started earlier than usual, which is definitely not a good sign. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has created an interactive map that lets you see how the virus is progressing across the country by tracking activity estimates in each state.

The depths of flu season are in full effect in the United States.

A year ago the flu vaccine was found to be very effective against the B strain, with a 73 per cent risk reduction, but only moderately effective against the A (H3N2) strain, with a 37 per cent risk reduction.

"If you suspect you have the flu, consider seeing your primary care physician".

Researchers use a surveillance site and reference labs to collect information about which strains are expected to circulate in the coming flu season each year. Recently published studies found that people vaccinated against the flu are less likely to have serious complications that could put them in the hospital.

You may have heard things like the flu shot can give you the flu or cold weather can make you more susceptible to catching the flu. The Georgia DPH has confirmed four flu-related deaths so far, but that number is expected to increase. He said most of the flu cases are from H3N2, which is a more deadly strain of the virus. How effective the flu vaccine will be in America has yet to be determined, but the CDC says preliminary effectiveness estimates for H3N2 is around 30 percent.

"We want as many people vaccinated as possible to protect other people who are unable or can not take the vaccine due to age or other health complications", she added.

"It looks like it's starting to level out", said the CDC's Lynnette Brammer, who oversees flu tracking.

When a flu outbreak happens, the virus that gets people sick in Alabama may not be the same strain in Washington.

The health system is asking for anyone who is not an immediate family member or significant other of a patient - as well as anyone who is 13 or younger or who has flu-like symptoms - to refrain from visiting patients at the hospitals in Carrollton, Villa Rica, Bremen and in Wedowee, Alabama.

It takes about two weeks after vaccination for antibodies to develop in the body to protect against the flu.

"If you are visiting a loved one in the hospital, please do not forget to wash or sanitize your hands frequently to avoid getting sick, or getting someone else sick", the hospital said in the release. According to the CDC, full-blown flu symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue.

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