How an immigrant to Canada helped Donald Trump prove his mental health

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Gennaio 19, 2018

"All my friends who work out all the time, they're going for knee replacements, hip replacements - they're a disaster, " Trump said in a September 2015 New York Times Magazine article.

The wave of global outrage grew Saturday against the vulgar language President Donald Trump used when referring to immigration from African nations, with Ghana's president saying he would "not accept such insults, even from a leader of a friendly country, no matter how powerful". Durbin reminded her that Graham did that in the process of reprimanding Trump, using "exactly the words used by the president, which you can not remember", Durbin said.

"The commander in chief in an Oval Office meeting referring to people from African countries and Haitians with the most vile and vulgar language, that language festers. Deals can't get made when there is no trust!" The White House did not initially deny that Trump had made the remark, but in subsequent days conflicting accounts emerged from participants in the meeting, and Trump tweeted that he had not used that word, but did use "tough" language.

U.S. President Donald Trump could live up to 200 years if he had maintained a healthier diet over the past 20 years, White House physician, Dr Ronny Jackson, said. "I think they talk about DACA but they don't want to help the DACA people".

According to Jackson, Trump told Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, "I do not want you pulling him off that stage". His comments followed four tweets on the same topic on Saturday.

That height and weight gives Trump a body mass index (BMI) of 29.9 which places him in the overweight category on the verge of obesity, defined as a BMI of 30 or greater. Jackson said he didn't feel the test was necessary.

As for his mental acuity, Trump was quick to note his doctor's pronouncement that he aced a cognitive exam, which he referenced with a dig at predecessors Obama, Bush and Bill Clinton for not doing more to curb threats from North Korea.

#FYI: The Montreal Cognitive Assessment that Trump took includes remembering a list of spoken words, listening to a list of random numbers and repeating them backward, naming as many words in a minute that begin with, say, the letter F as possible, accurately drawing a cube, and describing concrete ways that two objects - like a train and a bicycle - are alike.

"I certainly didn't hear what Sen". He said Durbin and Republican Sen. Trump wasn't apologetic and denied he was racist, said the confidant, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a private conversation.

"They took total responsibility".

When Leahy asked for data connecting this study to the countries highlighted by Trump's Muslim ban, Nielsen responded, "I don't have the information at hand, sir".

Jackson said that he spoke with Trump about why the president may have audibly slurred his words during a speech on December 6 and asked an ear, nose and throat specialist to look into it.

The examination lasted several hours and measured things like Trump's blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, heart rate and weight.

"It's called genetics", Jackson said, shrugging.

The debate continued to play out Tuesday as Washington was gripped with uncertainty over whether the government would shut down at midnight Friday, when temporary government funding is set to run out, in the absence of a deal on immigration and other matters. The American Heart Association has said the best types of exercise increase the heart rate and make a person breathe heavily, but that activities like golf don't provide as much cardiovascular benefit since they don't require much extra effort.

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