Jamaican Women's Bobsled Coach Sandra Kiriasis Quits, Owns Team's Sled

Paola Ditto
Febbraio 15, 2018

As the CBC reports (and darn those clever Canucks for coming up with the catchiest possible headline, one that references Cool Runnings), Jamaican bobsled team coach Sandra Kiriasis quit suddenly, less than a week before the women compete in Pyeongchang.

Kiriasis has also claimed legal ownership of the team's sled, requesting compensation for its use despite statements by the Jamaican Bobsled Federation (JBF) to the contrary.

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In an interview with Reuters, Christian Stokes lambasted Kiriasis and said, "frankly, things have only improved with her departure".

The JBSF told CNN that Kiriasis does not own the sled and they "do not anticipate any changes in our equipment" or "any impact on the Jamaican bobsled athletes' performance at the Winter Olympic Games".

It had been reported that her decision to quit came after learning that her coaching role was to be changed.

"The athletes have told me they don't understand why this has happened as they have no problem with me and we have a good relationship", she said, according to the BBC.

A statement the JBSF said that "driving coach Sandra Kiriasis has elected not to continue her position with Jamaica Bobsleigh".

The sled situation is now up in the air despite the Jamaican Bobsleigh Federation denying that the team will be forced to pull out of the event.

Kiriasis, 43, said she'd "supported the team far beyond the call of duty at all times" by securing sponsorship, equipment and the rented bobsled ― but she could not "accept to be treated the way I have been treated".

He added: "If you come on the team, you have to be a team player".

Fenlator-Victorian and Russell are set to become Jamaica's first female Winter Olympians with the start of competition next Tuesday.

'We are deeply disappointed in her decision to leave the program.

The team's athletes, for their part, have focused instead on what their participation means for others watching the Pyeongchang, South Korea, games at home.

Their appearance comes 30 years after the men's team's appearance at the 1988 Games, which inspired cult movie "Cool Runnings".

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