Michael B. Jordan Is a Black Panther Encyclopedia

Brunilde Fioravanti
Febbraio 15, 2018

What's it like being fully immersed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Build a world, slowly, teasing out new characters before giving them their own showcase.

Kendrick Lamar recently dropped his Black Panther produced soundtrack which features the likes of Travis Scott, The Weeknd, 2 Chainz and more. Unlike anything they've ever done before, this superhero flick stands out from the pack for all the right reasons.

Mostly because Jordan, who has now collaborated with Coogler on all three of his films, had nothing but faith in his good friend. But maybe the biggest step forward for Marvel is the world-building in this movie.

While T'Challa has typical superhero qualities such as a high moral standing, he doesn't exactly have "powers"; every King of Wakanda receives the blessing of the "Black Panther", abilities which are consumed via the liquid of a special flower, and can be taken away just as easily. Black Panther is the first Marvel film set on Earth to be based in a country other than the US, and because of this isolation it doesn't fit in with the franchise so well. Tested by powerful outside forces and a unsafe former enemy, T'Challa and Nakia must fight for the fate of their beloved country and the entire world.

"The Black Panther's costume has veins of vibranium running through it". "But in this one the depth is far from compromised". Chadwick has already become our favourite superhero.

Where do we find Black Panther?

Marvel might even have an awards player here. The king's antangonist, Killmonger, is played by Michael B. Jordan, who is originally from New Jersey and arranged for local kids to see "Black Panther" at a screening in his hometown of Newark.

When you look at the breakdown it makes no sense. It's impossible to know how it'll do with the techs, but depending on how 2018 shakes out, there's a very real possibility that this is a below the line player next time around with Oscar. I just hoped that they would actually get those people that we talked about.

I was like, yeah, but, for me and my partners, it would be so cool for us to see this in the movies, because we've never seen a black vampire that could fight martial arts. That movement has gotten to be bigger than the movie we're going to be taking in this weekend; it's what we're wearing, what we're drinking, and what we're listening to. The Disney subsidiary has broken box office records, brought in more than $13.5 billion worldwide, and had each of its 17 films opened at No. 1. Marvel has never had a failure, and their flawless score continues. You can check out the screenshots below that support this theory.

How rich is the Black Panther?

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