Xbox One S and Xbox One X getting 1440p support soon

Rodiano Bonacci
Febbraio 19, 2018

Because there's no native support for those monitors though, the monitor usually has to upscale from 1080p, softening the image producingvisualsl that are less crisp than they ought to be. It's mitigated a little thanks to supersampling, a feature that's been in the Xbox One X since launch, and will become available on the PlayStation 4 Pro in the very near future.

Kevin Gammill, program manager for Microsoft's Xbox Platform Partner Group, said on Twitter earlier this week members of the Xbox Insider Program will soon see 1440p support added. Instead, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X simply downsample to 1080p for 1440p televisions and monitors.

The weaker S model will also be getting 1440p support, but probably only for video playback.

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Xbox One S and Xbox One X getting 1440p support soon

The update for Xbox Insiders is expected next week, if a tweet from Xbox Insider Program head Brad Rossetti is any indication.

It seems like the news exclusive to Xbox game consoles these days is nearly entirely centered around Microsoft having an exclusivity problem, and a bunch of news about new features being added that has nothing to do with bringing new games to the system.

Obviously, the Xbox One X users are losing out the most when it comes to a lack of 1440p support, but that will be changing soon enough.

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