Elon Musk Gets Hyperloop Digging Permit in DC

Cornelia Mascio
Febbraio 20, 2018

The spokesman added, "Stations in a Loop or Hyperloop system are small in size and widely distributed in a network - very different from large-station termini considered for train systems".

The Washington Post says that this parking lot is located at 53 New York Avenue NE in Washington DC, and that we could one day see this become a station for a Hyperloop tunnel that allows for trips in between New York and DC in just 29 minutes.

Last July the SpaceX and Tesla CEO tweeted he had received verbal approval for the Boring Company to build an underground hyperloop that would connect New York City to Washington D.C., with stops in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Last week, Washington, DC's Department of Transportation issued a preliminary permit to Musk's Boring Company to start digging at an abandoned lot in the northeast section of the city, according to The Washington Post.

Governor Larry Hogan has given Musk the green light to do some digging in Maryland.

The firm already had backing from the state of Maryland, after it was revealed this past October that the administration had granted Elon Musk permission to begin tunneling beneath Baltimore. But with Musk's track record such as the Hyperloop project in other areas, experts think it is likely his solution will succeed.

But the company is also working on a similar project on the east coast, where they also want to reduce pressure in the tunnels in order to be able to increase the speed of travel, which would create a hyperloop system connecting several cities.

Digging tunnels holds the prospect of adding additional lanes to urban areas that can not easily accommodate more lanes above ground. It isn't really super clear how much work Musk has a permit to begin, but a Boring Company spokesperson said the New York Avenue location could serve as a "station" in the intercity transportation network.

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