Joel McHale: New Netflix show will 'make fun of everything'

Brunilde Fioravanti
Febbraio 21, 2018

Hosted by Joel McHale, The Soup was a popular comedy show that ran on the E!

At the beginning of their partnership when Ted Harbert was the president of the organization, he told Joel he could make fun of whomever he wanted and had artistic freedom to take whatever path Joel desired. The next president of the enterprise said to him that he could no longer make fun of the Kardashians, ever. "So that was cool and that's as far as it went with him, but when he left, things changed and they definitely had a different feeling". "We don't want you to make fun of the Kardashians anymore.' So I was like, oh this show is doomed because that's why the show worked, because we would make fun of ourselves", he explained. "The network really did not like when the Kardashians first came out and then we just said Kim Kardashian was only famous for having a big ass and a sex tape".

McHale's new show, "The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale", doesn't come with the same restrictions from Netflix, so the Kardashians may become comedy fodder again - if they're amusing enough.

"If the clips are good and engaging, absolutely, we will cover them".

Unfortunately, we don't see all our old favourites in the clip - and Alison Brie even sighs at the end: "Fuck I miss Chevy". So I don't know. "There is more reality programming on right now than there was television in 2012".

"I'm also a tiny little pilot fish on a huge whale shark that is the Kardashian empire", he added.

Asked what he thinks about how the USA comedy landscape has changed over the years and what it is like to tell jokes when people seem easily outraged these days, McHale emphasized he has always understood and appreciated how much freedom American comedians have to express themselves. The half-hour series, due every Sunday, has the topical and biting humor that made McHale famous, along with celebrity guests.

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