President Trump Directs Justice Department to Make Bump Stocks Illegal

Brunilde Fioravanti
Febbraio 21, 2018

President Trump has signed a memo directing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to finalize the ban.

Trump announced on Tuesday at the Medal of Valor ceremony at the White House.

"We must move past cliches and exhausted debates and focus on evidence-based solutions and security measures that actually work", he said.

In the aftermath of the tragic school shooting in Parkland that claimed 17 lives, President Donald Trump appeared to be mulling over the possibility of gun control and spent his lavish weekend at the West Palm Beach resort seeking counsel on the matter from his most trusted advisors - his Mar-a-Lago Club members.

Calls to ban bump stocks have been mounting since Stephen Paddock, a retired accountant, used them on several of his weapons to kill 58 concertgoers in Las Vegas in October 2017 in the deadliest mass shooting in recent U.S. history. That shooter, a 19-year-old man, wielded a semi-automatic rifle, but did not have a bump stock equipped. Sanders said the administration was also open to discussing possible age restrictions on purchases of such semi-automatic rifles.

"We must move past cliches and exhausted debates and focus on evidence based solutions and security measures that actually work", he said, adding the regulations would be drawn up "very soon".

As for President Trump responding to what has happened in Florida, he is planning a "listening session" this week, to hear from students and teachers on guns, and he will meet with state and local officials to talk about school safety.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat who submitted a bill previous year in the Senate that would ban bump stocks, welcomed Trump's support for a ban but cautioned that new agency rules could fail because of the ATF's past stance on the devices.

The school shooting survivors are planning to march on the streets of Washington call for justice and prevention of such catastrophes in the future. And, while it is notable that a president who has been open about his love for the 2nd Amendment has endorsed any measure to restrict gun rights, the timing of his announcement is a little unusual. It seems to be the only gun-related legislation now gaining traction. However, this stalled after speaker of the House Paul Ryan said the ATF, not Congress, should be responsible for the issue.

It puts Trump at odds with powerful gun rights groups like the National Rifle Association that previously opposed efforts to ban them. "And do I need to be anxious for my safety right now?" she says.

In a marathon series of furious weekend tweets from Mar-a-Lago, Trump vented about Russian Federation, raging at the FBI for what he perceived to be a fixation on the Russian Federation investigation at the cost of failing to deter the Florida school attack.

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