Ricciardo prangs new Red Bull car on debut

Paola Ditto
Febbraio 21, 2018

Australian Daniel Ricciardo crashed Red Bull's new Formula One auto on its track debut, it emerged on Tuesday, but the team said the damage was minor and there would be no consequences for testing in Spain next week.

It has emerged Ricciardo had a low-speed collision with the barriers during the day, although it was enough to cut the day short before it reached the 100km limit mandated in the regulations.

The autosport.com website reported, citing unnamed sources, that the impact was hard enough to damage the front of the vehicle, suspension and floor. With spare parts at a premium at this stage of the pre-season, even for F1's biggest teams, the incident will raise inevitable questions about whether the team's preparations for first test, which starts on February 26 in Barcelona, will be affected. That should perhaps come as no surprise, as Red Bull is one of the top financed teams on the grid.

"It's hard to tell from a couple of laps but the initial feeling in the vehicle is good", he had said. "It's hard to tell from a couple of laps but the initial feeling in the auto is good", he said.

"In these conditions we've got filming tyres on it, it's cold, it's wet, it's not very representative but the good thing is, in pretty poor conditions, it felt OK". "Those are encouraging early signs".

The Australian also had no problems with the new "halo" head protection device, which rises from a central pillar in front of the driver and is mandatory this season. So far I can see fine with the Halo.

"I'd only done a couple of installs with it before so it was pretty new today but I really didn't notice it was there, which is pretty good".

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"Honestly, unless there's stuff above, I don't see any issues at all on a flat track".

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