Toddler's leg broken by escalator after boot became trapped

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Febbraio 21, 2018

Julian had already been injured by the escalator, to his mother's horror.

"[Julian] hops at the top, he hops at the bottom", Diaczok told the Calgary Herald. "I couldn't hit the stop so I started screaming for help".

A Canadian mother is calling for awareness around escalator safety after her toddler's leg got caught in one at an airport.

"He was screaming. I think initially when his toe was stuck and it got run through the side it was just a bit of shock, but then his leg got twisted around backwards", she says.

The family were halfway down an escalator at Vancouver International Airport when Julian's small grey boot was caught and nearly completely shredded by the machinery's metal teeth.

Diaczek says people nearby rushed to help as she cut her son's foot free of the boot with scissors someone gave her.

A photo of Julian's shoe shows the mangled remains of the child's rubber boot completely shredded by the metal teeth of the stairs. "I didn't know if there's only a stump there at this point", she told the Herald. "I didn't even know if his foot was there ..."

Julian's boot was so wedged in the escalator that it took help from airport employees and bystanders to cut him free, according to the Herald.

Andrea, whose first child has been left with a broken leg and a few bruises, is somewhat thankful that her child was wearing a boot, because the situation could have been worse if he was wearing a little foam flip flop.

"He hops at the top, he hops at the bottom. We make a game of it, 'Don't touch this part, always step over.' But I've never heard of (getting stuck) in the sides", Andrea added. She said she can't imagine what would happen if someone were wearing sandals.

A Vancouver Airport Authority spokeswoman said safety is of utmost importance and an investigation into the incident has commenced. This media house does not correct any spelling or grammatical error within press releases and commentaries.

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