Luas causes bus journey times to double

Rodiano Bonacci
Febbraio 24, 2018

"It was always recognised by the city council that College Green, which has only one lane in each direction, would not be able to accommodate the same number of buses and taxis following the introduction of the Luas cross city", Mr. Keegan said.

"The Plaza proposal will allow taxis to use the high quality north-south public transport corridor".

Raising the ongoing concern for the safety and well-being of cyclists, Eamon Ryan, Green Party leader said he was "terrified" while attempting to navigate the lines around College Green.

He said Dublin Bus transported 39 per cent of customers into the city's retail core and 60 per cent of commuters.

He said this had to be increased to 18km/h "at least".

He said a fast walking pace was 6km/h so the Luas speed "is not much more then that".

Mr O'Rourke also warned that continued under-investment in road maintenance and pavement renewals over the last 20 years would cost €600 million in repairs every year.

"I do believe that as a country we have consistently underestimated growth and have failed to plan for success", he said.

He said: "This is more than twice as expensive in real terms and in no way, represents value for money".

The Oireachtas Committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport was told by Dublin Bus that 17 of its routes have been realigned to ease congestion in the College Green area and another 10 will be moved out of the area on March 5. Gardaí were now policing places where there was potential for this to happen, he said.

Ms Graham added that changes to the Dublin Bus routes should not cause congestion elsewhere but might result in a small increase in journey time.

Longer Luas trams will be operating by the end of next month and Luas operator Transdev yesterday said it would be looking for more extensions to trams.

The Luas boss told the committee that since the Cross City line opened journey times on a tram through College Green have improved by three to four minutes.

Ms Graham said the NTA was very judicious in its decisions to remove modes of transport or change routes and the impacts are carefully monitored.

"Put simply: There is no room for buses and trams on College Green as it is".

Conor Faughnan, of AA Roadwatch, told the committee it was nearly a decade since private cars were blamed for the congestion in College Green and now taxis were being blamed.

"Luas can't move so the buses just have to".

He said Mr Faughnan had "hit the nail on the head" with the analysis that the tram could not move so the buses "will have to".

"Pushing the taxis out will make little or no difference, but they will have to leave anyway when the pedestrianised plaza is introduced so they may as well get used to that idea now", he saod.

The committee heard that 1,200 cyclists are going through College Green during peak hour.

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