BLACK PANTHER Continues Torrid Box Office Pace With Record Tuesday

Brunilde Fioravanti
Febbraio 25, 2018

Whenever there is tons of hype about something, the greater chance it has to become a bust.

Black Panther, directed by African American filmmaker Ryan Coogler ("Creed"), features a star-studded, nearly entirely black cast led by Chadwick Boseman as the first non-white superhero to get his own stand-alone movie in the franchise.

Th project is among the first films from the house of Marvel Studios that predominantly has a black cast and also shows a number of women of substance.

In a defining moment for diversity and Hollywood, Disney's and Marvel Studios' Black Panther debuted to a record-shattering $242 million at the Presidents Day box office, according to updated estimates. This language is real and used today throughout South Africa.

The film has prompted other celebrities as well as educators, philanthropists, and business owners to pull together their resources to bring children of color to see it. "I feel like in the movie they got a lot of attention because of the way they were fighting and guarding".

The director could have easily just had the actors speak regularly since the cast was already all black. We are even more encouraged that two of the top five movie openings in cinema history occurred in the past ten weeks.

But the main plotline presents itself in Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), an appropriately named outsider to the country.

Having the element of the different tribes was something that I was not expecting and was pleasantly surprising.

"In an era of a plethora of entertainment choices for consumers, we are buoyed by the more than a billion tickets that movie theatres sold in the United States in 2017".

It's a very positive thing that the new series will be good for readers both old and new, as the success of the Black Panther film will doubtlessly have many fans running to grab new comics, whether they are avid readers or not. Now more than ever, we are seeing how strong women truly are and the important roles they play in our day to day lives; personally, I am glad that such an emphasis was made in the movie. From the costume design to the score, all the film's elements point to Afrofuturism, an art style that blends black culture with science fiction themes.

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