Sheriff's deputy did 'nothing' as gunman hunted students Florida shooting

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Febbraio 25, 2018

Trump called out the deputy by name - "Deputy Sheriff Peterson, I guess his name is" - and said Peterson had "strained his whole life" by failing to act.

Deputy Scott Peterson, who was on duty and in uniform as the resource officer posted at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was the only law enforcement officer present at the campus during the six-minute rampage last Wednesday, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.

President Trump on Friday slammed the Florida sheriff's deputy who did nothing during the Parkland school massacre, suggesting the armed officer behaved like a "coward".

A deputy found that Cruz had knives and a BB gun and passed the information along to Stoneman Douglas' school resource officer - that was Peterson.

"I am devastated. Sick to my stomach".

The officer, Scot Peterson, resigned on Thursday.

According to a timeline of the shooting on Valentine's Day, Israel said Peterson remained outside of the school building for nearly four minutes during the shooting, which lasted six minutes.

USA president Donald Trump has pressed for the arming of teachers and more school security guards following last week's mass shooting in Florida.

Israel said Peterson should have gone in and "addressed the killer, killed the killer".

The announcement comes after last week's mass shooting in a Parkland high school that killed 17 people.

The student survivors, supported by their families and teachers, have spoken out against Washington's inaction and statements by the president. But the National Rifle Association (NRA) and many Republicans have resisted those calls.

"It doesn't matter who went in first, it doesn't matter in what order you went in", he said.

He said despite the emotions and the hard memories, he was eager to get back to school to support his fellow teachers.

"Schools should be the hardest target in this country".

Posada also talked about the idea of teachers carrying guns.

"My daughter turns 15 in a few weeks and I got an email the other day from her school talking about (how) they're having a drill", he added. "We have to dig deep down into our teacher souls and we are going to be there for them".

"I disagree with arming teachers".

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