Alec Baldwin Calls Twitter Feud With Donald Trump "Surreal"

Brunilde Fioravanti
Marzo 13, 2018

The actor said it was "surreal" to have the president call him out on Twitter.

There are many reasons for Saturday Night Live's surge in the ratings over the last two seasons, but arguably the biggest contributing factor is Alec Baldwin's Emmy-winning impression of President Donald Trump.

Jimmy proceeds to read Trump's recent tweets to Alec, in which the president said the actor's "dying mediocre career" was "saved by his awful impersonation, Alec responded, "Nobody is forced to watch..." Bring back Darrell Hammond, funnier and a far greater talent! Trump fired back at the actor, referring to him as "Alex Baldwin", and said it was "agony for those who were forced to watch" his performance. "We call them the Cabinet".

"I don't need to tell you", Baldwin told Fallon about Trump immersion, "it gets exhausting after a while". "Or does he sequester himself for just like a period of tweeting?" asked Baldwin.

"It is kind of surreal", Baldwin said in response. "And he's like tweeting, tweeting". He wondered whether Trump sets aside a particular time of the morning to unload his Twitter barrages (he imagines the president in boxers and bathrobe, watching Fox & Friends and eating a "triple order of bacon") or whether Trump gets alerts and responds immediately while, say, meeting with North Korean diplomats "talking about nuclear weapons". "Or is it a big binge thing, like a camel at an Oasis, drinks a big long drink in the morning and then goes off".

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