Calendar 2 Mac App Mines Cryptocurrency in the Background

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Marzo 13, 2018

A popular calendar app for the Mac has disappeared from Apple's App Store after it was found to be mining cryptocurrency without the user's permission.

The app is supposed to have an opt-in feature that allows users to choose an option that mines cryptocurrency in the background to unlock paid features.

Qbix, the developer of Calendar 2 endowed the app with code to mine Monero.

One Calendar 2 user, Fred Laxton, noted that the app guzzled up "200 per cent CPU" until he discovered it and disabled it.

"I didn't expect a miner infection from an App Store vendor", Laxton mused on Twitter.

Even though the feature has been removed from the app, it remains to be unseen as to how Apple will treat situations like this in the future.

However, Gregory Magarshak, founder of Qbix which is the company behind Calendar 2, told Ars Technica that the mining activity was down to a bug not some form of surreptitious money making scheme.

Shortly after, Magarshak noted that Qbix has chose to remove the Monero miner from Calendar 2, noting the rollout of the miner had caused "a flawless storm of bugs which made it seem like our company *wanted* to mine crypto-currency without people's permission".

Still, there will doubtless be attractions for some in what's certainly an innovative way to get premium features for what seems like a very small outlay, but we have to bear in mind that it is a continuous outlay (and the increased level of CPU usage will draw extra power which will be reflected on your electricity bill).

He then essentially pooh-poohed cryptomining (known as Proof of Work) on the whole: "My own personal feeling that Proof of Work has a risky set of incentives which can lead to electricity waste on a global scale we've never seen before".

We have chose to REMOVE the miner in the app.

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