Guardiola lacks self-confidence and lives in fear, says Bayern doctor

Brunilde Fioravanti
Marzo 13, 2018

Bayern Munich and Germany doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt has launched a scathing attack on Pep Guardiola in a recently published autobiography.

Perhaps world sport's most famous medical professional, Muller-Wohlfahrt has treated an incredible range of athletes, including Usain Bolt, Darren Gough and Paula Radcliffe.

Guardiola blamed many of Bayern's injuries during that time period on Muller-Wohlfahrt's treatment methods, which include homeopathy, while one incident saw Guardiola caught on camera sarcastically clapping Muller-Wohlfahrt after an injury was suffered by Mehdi Benatia in the middle of a game.

'Under Pep Guardiola, the climate changed at Bayern Munich, and it became more and more clear that he did not trust me and my team. "He knew everything better", Muller-Wohlfahrt claimed, and added that Guardiola "wasn't interested at all in medical matters" but "expected medical wonders from us".

'On just the third time we met, Guardiola came up to me and started ranting in an accusatory and aggressive tone, ' claims Muller-Wohlfahrt. He said: 'What is going on here?

"I thought I was coming to the best medical department in the world, and we have two long-term injuries that should have been good after the initial diagnosis".

Clearly Muller-Wohlfahrt has never got over it.

But German sports medicine expert Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt has now ripped into the 47-year-old - branding him mentally weak and power-hungry.

"I remember one season under Jupp Heynckes, in which there were only three muscle injuries", Muller Wohlfahrt wrote, according to the Telegraph, in a book being serialised by German news outlet Bild.

'Guardiola was often portrayed in the media as an innovative, if not revolutionary, coach.

Guardiola also won trophies galore while in charge of Barcelona and Bayern Munich. I couldn't believe that someone who had been alive for less time than I had been in the job wasn't listening to me'.

"I shouted at Guardiola and hit the table with my fist so hard that the plates and cups clanked".

"For the first time in all these years I raised my voice".

The doctor then comes to a scathing conclusion about Guardiola's personality and state of mind.

"I think I would have been able to moderate the conflict between Mull and Pep Guardiola", Hoeness said. "He therefore seems to live in constant fear, not so much of defeat, but much more of the loss of power and authority".

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