Now Google Maps can help find places with no addresses

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Marzo 13, 2018

On Google Maps, Plus codes assign six characters to a location plus the city name. With Plus Codes, a new location-based digital addressing system, Google wants to make it easier to fill in places that are not already on Google Maps. With this feature, any user can contribute to the Maps experience from the Google Maps app.

In order to use the code, all one needs to do is enter it in the Google Search field or directly on Google Maps and you will be shown the location instantaneously. "Plus Codes can be used for a wide variety of reasons including communicating the venue of a temporary event, guiding emergency services to afflicted locations, and providing an identifiable location for complicated addresses", the company said in a statement. Even developers can use the codes to incorporate in their applications. At the bottom, you will notice an address or a plus code.

At the event, Google also mentioned that India, much like other developing nations, has Global Positioning System issues that lead to lack of precision in address.

It works offline and on print when overlaid as a grid on existing maps. Address search is critical for delivering on this mission. Maps in India has supported Plus codes for some months now, and these will now be reflected in addresses and businesses as well.

More Number of verified addresses is only going to increase the accuracy of the Google Maps.

Where to find Plus Codes for your address. So, this might create confusion for some. Once this code, the Plus Code, is generated, you can share it with anyone to help that person find the address easily.

To improve address search capabilities on the app, Google Maps is enabling the new "Add an address" feature.

Moving on, Google has introduced new "Add an Address" option to Maps. Moreover, users will also get Local Guides points for each valid submission,"said Google in the release". New smart capabilities in Google Maps will automatically look for the nearest landmarks and mailing addresses that come from certified users.

"Understanding addresses, especially in the Indian context (being so unique and varied, ) has always been a relentless pursuit for Google". This feature can be used to communicate a location in various real-life use cases and it will also help businesses to convey their locations. This is an innovative approach to providing the best estimate of the location of an address: "when people aren't aware of an exact address, they just don't give up but try to refer other information such as a nearby landmark, business or a locality to get closer to the final destination".

Lastly, Google introduced voice navigation in six additional Indian languages- Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, alongside Hindi.

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