Season 2 American Idol Finalist Kimberley Locke Recaps American Idol Premiere

Brunilde Fioravanti
Marzo 13, 2018

The new "American Idol", hosted by Ryan Seacrest, airs Sundays and Mondays on ABC at 8 p.m. Auditions continue tonight with judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

Season two finalist and CT resident Kimberley Locke gives us a whole recap.

The 19-year-old shared a special moment with judge Katy Perry after his confession that he had never been kissed.

The reboot of the show pulled in a robust audience of 10.3 million viewers during its premiere on ABC Sunday night (March 11), Nielsen reports.

It's been a long American Idol journey and one that's opened a lot of doors for Julica. As promised, the episode on Sunday did not highlight bad auditions.

Telling Katy what he does for a living, he explained: "I'm a cashier at an electronic store but I love it because sometimes there's cute girls and they're not going anywhere without saying hi".

A Dodgeville singer/songwriter worked her way through the auditions. "You gave my heart aflutter".

The auditions then head to Nashville, where we meet 16-year-old Harper Grace.

As much as ABC's preliminary "Idol" deliveries are reassuring for this day and age, they're all but insignificant in comparison to the Fox-run "Idol" of old. Alyssa says her dad was there for every audition and every performance through her budding music career. She was dead on with her original song, "Yard Sale", which impressed all the panel, particularly Katy, with its distinctive attention to detail. When it was Layla's solo turn, she sang "Who's Loving You" (Jackson Five version). He became Katy Perry's music director and that led to the show. But he really blows them away once he sits down at the piano and begins a soulful rendition of "Stay" by Rihanna. They were extremely appreciative, and Katy Perry even put her cat motif socks on her hands before Zach launched into Sinatra. Ron also plays guitar, and he offers up his spot-on James Bay impression while belting "Let It Go". "Unique" was the praise for Zach, along with "killed it" from Lionel Richie, along with a golden ticket for the teen.

Zack D'onofrio, 16, and Dennis Lorenzo, 26, are the final two to make it through.

It's the same feedback she got almost 10 years ago, when she made it to Hollywood on the show.

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