X Factor victor Matt Cardle admits drug problems

Brunilde Fioravanti
Marzo 13, 2018

Cardle won the TV singing contest in 2010, beating fellow finalists Rebecca Ferguson and One Direction that year.

He is now working with Sony and will release his fourth album Time To Be Alive in April.

Speaking to The Sun, Cardle has described becoming addicted to alcohol as well as prescription and illegal drugs as his career started to derail.

Asked whether there were any times he came close to death, the singer shockingly revealed there were plenty: 'There were a number of them, ' he claims.

I got lucky on a number of occasions not to have been found fucking cold.

The drug problem began after Cardle injured his finger and became hooked on the painkiller Tramadol - which is also known as "Hillbilly Crack". I started eating Tramadol for fun if I'm honest.

Now 34, the singer also admitted that he began taking potentially risky concoctions of valium and alcohol, noting: "the first time I did Valium was on a flight to LA and that was it". It's a muscle relaxant and your heart's a muscle, ' he says about the mixtures he was experimenting with. "He was like, 'You're never having any more of them off me".

'I would wake up in various parts of my flat, in the toilet, in my bedroom, on the bed, off the bed, in the lounge, and it would always be like, "Oh that's where it ended".

'If you were on your own and you're completely smashed and you've taken one or two too many, you won't wake up, it'll stop your heart and that's it'. "I could fall off at the drop of a hat, so I've got to watch myself". 'I was completely addicted, ' he said, which was the point that even his dealer tried to step in and help him. "You don't wind up in The Priory if you're looking after yourself".

'I was being rejected left, right and centre for a record, for all of this kind of stuff, ' he admits. "I was still coming down hard from a place where I didn't have a label, I didn't really have any management at the time, I didn't have a steady place".

Former X Factor favourite Matt Cardle has spoken about his battle with drug addiction that nearly ended his life, after describing his "fall from grace". 'I didn't realise because a lot of it was on my own.

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