Firefox 59 "Quantum" released

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Marzo 14, 2018

As businesses have moved away from traditional applications in favour of their cloud variants, the web browser has quietly become the operating system for modern business software and now Mozilla has launched the beta version of Firefox Quantum to meet the demand of today's enterprise workflows. The recent update from Firefox allows Youtube to feature in Amazon Fire TV and other features like syncing. Firefox Private Browsing mode will remove path information from referrers with an aim to prevent cross-tracking.

Firefox users on macOS will also benefit from the use of a separate GPU thread to reduce choppy loading of text and images on some pages - a feature introduced for Windows users in January.

Users will be able to drag-and-drop to rearrange Top Sites on the Firefox Home page, and customise new windows and tabs, while additions to Firefox Screenshots will allow users to add basic annotation by drawing on and highlighting saved screenshots.

Aside from having Firefox Assist, the update also brings HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) support so that video compatibility for other video sites will be improved.

For the Android version of Firefox 59, Mozilla has added Firefox as an Assist App, so users can start a search by long-pressing the home button.

Why is Firefox Quantum so fast?

The takeaway from this update, however, is the new Android feature known aptly as "Android Assist".

Jack Wallen walks you through the process of managing both default and site permissions with Firefox Quantum, so you can enjoy a more secure and reliable browsing experience.

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