Google search results page displays answer without any search results

Remigio Civitarese
Marzo 14, 2018

"Google said for the queries this shows up for, searchers "rarely use full search results" and if the searcher wants those results they can access it with the "Show all results" button". Later, it also added the website's domain URL for each result to show where the image is coming from. It essentially means that you can find out what the image is about and if a particular website would contain relevant content. It shows the title of the web page which should give you more information about where the image came from and its context.

Previously, Google improved on its images search by adding badges like "recipe" or "product" on some specific results to guide users on the category that the image falls under.

Previously, Google Images had to change how they present the images in the search results because of the Getty Images agreement that they were able to reach (to avoid the lawsuit). Google says that though the image results provide visual confirmation that the user found the right fruit, the captions make results instantly more useful with additional context. For instance, you can learn that this fruit is called carambola or starfruit, and that it's popular in China. Starting this week, images find via Google will include captions, which will show users the title of the web page where each of the images is published. This also helps you choose the result page to click and explore further.

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