GOP candidate in ME calls Parkland student 'skinhead lesbian'

Remigio Civitarese
Marzo 14, 2018

"I would like to extend to you my most honest apology for how I addressed you". Gonzalez identifies as bisexual. "You are doing work that is important to you", he said, adding: "I would like to extend my hand in friendship and understanding to you".

He also used the social media account to accuse David Hogg, another Florida survivor and anti-gun activist, of being a "bald-faced liar".

Ms González rose to fame for an emotive speech in front of thousands of people where she "called BS" on Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association for their alleged inaction on gun reform. "It was not appropriate to single out the Parkland students, but I stand firm in my defense of our constitutional rights".

Gibson, a lifetime NRA member, took to Twitter to attack Gonzalez after seeing an article in The Hill about the teen surpassing the NRA in Twitter followers.

Leslie Gibson, who is running unopposed in Maine, tweeted: "There is nothing about this skinhead lesbian that impresses me and there is nothing that she has to say unless you're a frothing at the mouth moonbat", according to the Portland Press Herald. He tweeted that Hogg is a "bald-faced liar" after the teen told CNN that NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch has control over certain members of Congress through a partnership with gun manufacturers.

In a later tweet he said calling her a survivor disingenuous because 'she was in a completely different part of the school, ' than where the students were gunned down. "Completely absurd. Hogg doesn't get a pass when he blatantly lies", Gibson tweeted.

The candidate's insults were met with outrage.

ME candidate for the Congressional 57th District Leslie E. Gibson launched an all-out verbal assault against Douglas HS students on Twitter.

"Because of this", he said, "I am very passionate about protecting our constitutional rights from those who seek their elimination".

Gibson appears to have since deleted his personal Twitter account, though his campaign account remains active.

Gibson has since apologized, claiming it was "inappropriate to single out these students regardless of whether I agree with their message or not".

Gibson is the only declared candidate for a state House district where the Republican incumbent has already served the maximum number of terms allowed by law. A local Democratic Party organizer lamented not being able to find a suitable candidate to run against Gibson. Independent candidate filing will remain open until June 1.

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